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Every great product starts with a great strategy and clear goals.

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Apps, websites and big data are useless without an intuitive UI & UX.

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Apps. Websites. Big data. We have your back.

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About us

About us

SSRD is a software development company based in Maribor, Slovenia. Our experienced team can work with you to take initial concepts and expand them into finished products. Following the best standards and directions, we have achieved a software development process combined with top-quality design.

From the early design phase, throughout the development right up to delivery, we’ll fulfill the needs of your project together to ensure the outcome meets your expectations. We specialize in secure blockchain solutions, making these complicated technologies more accessible with a quality user experience.

For us, our clients are our partners, and we are keen to provide elegant and secure solutions to build long-term trusting relationships.

Our team is here for you. We will be glad to work with you.

Why choose us?


What is a product without an awesome design? Our designers will take care of that too.

Secure Coding - Trainings

Learn to code like a security expert.

Code revision & pentesting

In .NET Core and Angular.

SSRD ikona razvoj - development

Secure Development

Experience and staying on top of the new security features and practices are the key.


Deploy your blockchain or smart contract with us.

Vibrant Team

Available to you to ensure state-of-the-art digital solutions.


Prikaz pregleda aplikacij na različnih napravah S-Inventory


S-Inventory is an innovative security solution from SSRD, suitable for any company. It represents an updated collection of programs and their administrators. It significantly eases the workload of security administrators, enabling them to perform their tasks with superior efficiency and reliability.

At the same time, it greatly facilitates compliance with NIS 2 and ISO 27001 standards.

How we work

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We are here to help you choose the best solution or technology your business needs.

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A team of experts will work on making your plan a reality.

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Your opinion matters! We need your feedback to ensure you are satisfied with the solution.

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Happy customers are our ultimate goal, and we will give all to achieve that.

Got a project in mind?

Every project starts with an idea. You have an idea in mind and want a professional solution. Feel free to contact us.

We can help you make it come true.

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